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Obon is a Buddhist holiday when the souls of the departed return to their homes. Families return to their parents' hometown to spend time with them & the departed relatives. The souls leave on the 15th & temples hold festivals by putting paper lanterns into the water as a way of sending them off (shoronagashi).

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Aug. 1st

Himeji Castle Festival in Hyogo

It is a grand festival for the local citizens to celebrate the great
achievement of their predecessors who built Himeji Castle.
There is a historical parade, citizens' parade, dances & a Noh performance.

Aug. 7th-10th

Kyoto Gojosaka China Festival

Gojo Saka era-Higashiyama-ku
There are over 500 stalls.
The most biggest Chinese Festival in Japan.

Aug. 9th-10th

For 1 000 days Shitennoji Temple in Osaka

Praying on either Aug. 9th or 10th is the same as praying for 1 000 days.

Aug. 11st and 12th

Osaka Castle Takigi-noh

Osaka Castle, Nishinomaru Park

Noh is performed outdoors on the Osaka Castle grounds.
TEL:06 6941 1717

Aug. 9th-16th

For 1 000 days Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto

Praying on one of the days between Aug. 9th-16th is the same as praying for 1 000 days.
There is a special viewing of the main temple.

Aug. 14th & 15th

Mantoro Lantern Lighting in Nara

Kasuga Taisha shrine

About 3 000 lanterns are lit. This lighting was started 800 years ago by Fujiwara, which the shrine is dedicated to. It is very crowded because it is in the middle of Obon.

Aug. 16th

Daimonji Bonfire in Kyoto

Daimonji Gozan Okuribi

At 8 pm, the characters, "大" & "妙法" & the shape of a torii gate &
ship are lit on fire on the mountains surrounding Kyoto. It is a traditional event at the end of the summer in Kyoto.
Over 120 000 people gather around Kyoto to look at the mountains.
Cultural Properties Protection Section:

Miyazu Lantans in Kyoto

Lanterns are put into the water.
There are beautiful fireworks over the 10 000 lanterns that are floating in the sea.
It is one of Japan's three major floating lanterns festivals.

Arashiyama Lanterns in Kyoto

Togetsukyo Bridge
Mantounagashi is done from the sunset to 9 o'clock.

Aug. 23rd -24th

Sento Kuyo Nenbutsu-ji Temple in Kyoto

From 530-830 pm, for 1 000 yen, people can light up a candle near one of the many small Jizosans. It is free for elementary school students & younger.

Aug. 24th

Gangara Festival in Osaka

Osaka- Ikeda
Surrounding Ikeda Stn. on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line.
It is a traditional fire festival dating back 360 years.

Aug. 26th & 27th

Yao Kawachi Ondo Festivall in Osaka

Location-Yao, Osaka Prefecture
Around Yao Station: Yao Stn. on the Kintetsu Osaka Line
Young & old, men & women, take part in the Kawachi
Ondo parade. 2 300 people belonging to 53 organizations dance
the Kawachi Ondo in procession near the station.
After sunset a community dance is held.

Fireworks in Osaka


PL fireworks / With over 120 000 fireworks

Aug. 1st

It is one of the world's largest shows in an hour.
A lot of people gathers to see the fireworks.

Heisei Yodo River Festival / 20 000 fireworks

Aug. 6th

It is a large fireworks display for Osaka.
Get off at Juso Stn. on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.

Misaki Marine Festival / 100 000 fireworks

Aug. 6th

It is a fireworks display that can be seen from Kansai International Airport.
Tannowa Seaside Resort

Bentensu Ibaraki / 3 500 fireworks

Aug. 6th

Artistic fireworks such as flowers are popular.
Get off at Ibaraki Stn. on the JR Kyoto Line & take the Kintetsu Bus to Ibaraki Benten Bus Stop.

Kurawanka Fireworks Festival

Aug. 12th-15th

Fireworks are set off with Japanese music in the background.
Hirakata Riverside Park/ Yodogawa Riverside Park
10 min. walk from Hirakata-shi Stn. on the Keihan Line
About 5 000 fireworks made especially for this event will illuminate the night sky. 19:00-20:30

Neyagawa Festival / 700 fireworks


Events such as the parades and shops are held.

Fireworks in Hyogo


Minato Kobe Sea Freworks / 5 000 fireworks

Aug. 6th

About 5 000 fireworks are set off in Kobe port.

Awaji Island Fireworks / 5 000 fireworks

Aug. 7th

It is the largest fireworks display on Awajishima.
5 000 fireworks

Fireworks in Kyoto


Uji River Fireworks


5 min. walk from Keihan Uji Stn.
A magnificent show can be seen in the night sky of Uji.

Fireworks in Wakayama


Starlight illusion / 6 000 - 7 000 fireworks


There are fireworks displays along with music almost everyday during the summer.

Shirahama Fireworks / 2 000 fireworks

JUly. 30th & Aug.10th

It is a popular seaside resort & a popular place to go to watch the fireworks.